Our purpose is to educate you so that you can make an educated decision, not just guess.  What sets us apart is taking the time with you to help you understand what you're purchasing, NOT just sell you something WE said is best.  Call for your FREE Quote!

According to a Harvard study 60% of all U.S. Bankruptcies are from medical bills. 

Education and planning in this area could make a big difference in your future!  We're here to help you understand then and NOW!

Source: “Medical Bankruptcy in the United States, 2007: Results of a National Study,” The American Journal of Medicine, 2009.

                                                         Our Philosophy

                                                                   J2 Benefit Solutions is not just my job. It's a choice I made to educate and                                                                          continue to educate myself so that we choose the right carriers and partners for you.  There is NO one size fits all! Choosing coverage for Yourself and/or your Company can be like finding seashells on the beach...not one is perfect.  We're here to help you find balance while walking that fine line between under or over insured AND budget!  Our purpose is to educate and inform. 

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Our Mission

Provide customized solutions for Small Business and Individuals with the Service, Resources and Support you need to make an informed decision.  A truly informed decision will enable you to have the coverage that fits your NEEDS and BUDGET!

Small Business

Our purpose is not to just hand you a map and send

you on your way, but to GUIDE you and your employees to the destination!  Providing ACA Compliant Tools and information, so that whether you currently offer Major Medical and/or're informed.  Small Businesses DO have options out there for their employees and we've researched the best!