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Small Business

NOT all plans REQUIRE contribution, and will benefit you & your employees. 

We realize there are many Agencies, Brokers and Agents to choose from. Our goal isn't just to "sell" you or your Employees insurance, but rather to educate you on the options available so that together we can make an informed decision for your Company and what's best for your Employees.

We have a variety of services available to you. We've taken the time to research the options for you. Employees with peace of mind at work = Greater Productivity & less time off work for your Company!

Allowing us to have some of your time to further assess your needs and determine what works best for your Company is how we'll reach a decision on which direction to go next.  Due to us being a Consultative Service, we have not embedded a bunch of links sending you all over the web further confusing matters.  


  • Customized & Personalized Services for you and your Employees
  • Education & Resources
  • Group & One on One Consultation
  • Employees will always have access to us during and after enrollment
  • Variety of Enrollment Services depending on Carrier

An much more...

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Major Medical/ACA Compliant

  • Choices from top competitors
  • Rates are rates NO matter which Broker you use.

 24/7 Teledoc Services & RX - Medical  Advisors & MORE!

  • Doctor on call 24/7, 365
  • Call from anywhere any time
  • They CAN prescribe basic Rx!
  • ​Voluntary or Contribution

 Dental & Vision

  • Voluntary & Contribution Plans Available

 Short & Long Term Disability

  • Guaranteed issued w/ NO Medical Questions available

 Life Insurance

  • Term, Whole, Juvenile, Final Expense & more
  • Group Policies avail. with NO health questions

 Accidental Coverage (in addition to Health  Insurance)

  • Pays CASH Benefits to your Employees
  • Less stress paying bills
  • NO Health Questions
  • ​Voluntary or Contribution

 Critical Illness & Cancer

  • Various plans for various budgets
  • Pays CASH Benefits to your Employees
  • Voluntary or Contribution


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