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These plans are priced are AS LOW AS $3.45 A WEEK THE WHOLE FAMILY!  For those moments in life where you just can't get to the Dr...NO COPAYS...It's a holiday...After office hours...can't or don't want to take off work...Medical Advice...THIS is your SOLUTION! ADD LIFELOCK Identity Theft for only an additional $5 per MONTH!*

Small Business - Contact for details

  • Voluntary Benefit to help your Employees with out of pocket co-pays and time off work.
  • Customized Wellness Program to aid in keeping your Employees and their family healthy!
  • General Rx availability without having to leave work early!
  • Identity Theft, Legal & Financial Packages available.

J2 Benefits Solutions

*These plans are not health insurance or ACA compliant with tax laws.  However they will work regardless of insurance coverage for basic ailments.  

With constant changes in the marketplace we are offering you a new direction to maximize your options. Many Health Carriers are offering Telemed, BUT it is usually at another copay!  Be aware.

Individuals & families - Sign up Here

  • Telehealth for advice and/or if a general Rx is needed. NO waiting rooms, NO Co Pays!
  • Customized Wellness Program: Weight, Stress, Sleep...etc.
  • ​Identity Theft, Legal & Financial Packages available.